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    ISBN Title Author Status
    0-07-105161-9 Introduction to Business McGraw-Hill available
    1-25-900490-2 Marketing Research McGraw-Hill available
    978-1-4188-3718-1 Guide to Networking Essentials David Johnson available
    0-536-74978-7 Calculus for the life sciences Raymond N. available
    978-0-321-59921-6 Introduction to Ry Algebra Marvin L. available
    978-0-314-27687-2 Contemporary Family Law Douglas E. available
    978-93-530-6596-6 Supply Chain Managment Sunil Chopra available
    978-0-314-27687-2 Contemporary Family Law Douglas E. available
    978-1-932709-83-4 Autodesk Inventor 2011 For Designer Sham Tickoo available
    0-8493-0049-5 Semiconductor Devices & Circuits Jerry C. available
    978-81-317-8746-5 Management Information Systems Kenneth C. available
    978-0-07-04-3504-9 Customer Relationship Managment Jagdish N sheth available
    978-81-203-53-43-5 Financial Accounting a Managerial Presentative R. Narayaneswny available
    978-93-5316-117-0 Operations & Supply Chain Managment McGraw-Hill available
    978-81-315-1906-6 Management information System EFFY OZ available
    978-81-317-6164-9 Quantitative Analysis for Managment Barry Render available
    978-81-317-6164-9 Quantitative Analysis for Managment 2 Barry Render available
    978-93259-5618-6 Financial Accounting for BCom CA, and ICWA Courses Sn maheshwari available
    978-93-325-8710-6 Marketing Management 2 Prachi Gupta available
    978-93-560-6427-0 Organizational Behavior Stephem P. available
    978-81-203-5343-5 Financial Accounting a Managerial Perspective 2 R. Narayaneswny available
    978-93-325-8710-6 Marketing Management 2 Prachi Gupta available
    978-0-07-014496-5 Advertising and Promotion George E belch available
    978-1-4354-0257-7 AutoCAD 2009 a problem solving approach Sham Tickoo available
    978-81-265-2152-4 Fundamentals of thermodynamics Claus borgnakke available
    0-7918-0252-3 HEAT TRANSFER & HYDRYAURLIC RESISTANCE Igor L. available
    0-333-34874-5 Further Enginering Mathematics programs & problems kastroud available
    0-536-70582-8 calculus with Applications Dale varverj available
    978-0-470-877374-8 Numerical methods gilat i subramaniam available
    978-0-547-31517-1 Larson Geometry Larson available
    978-0-547-31517-1 Larson geometry Larson available
    0-471-07325-3 The architecture of computer hardware & systems software IRV ENGLANDER available
    0-321-28713-4 Linear Algebra & its applications David C. available
    0-13-213596-5 DIGITAL CONTROL SYSTEM ANALSIS & DESIGNE Charles L. available
    629-8 Control engineering C.C. Bissell available
    0-13-589128-0 Modern Control Enginering katsuhiko ogata available
    978-981-068137-1 Enginering mechanics dynamics R.C.Hibbeler available
    978-981-06-8134-0 Engineering mechanics statics R.C.Hibbeler available
    978-0-13-203813-3 Engineering mechanics statics R.C.Hibbeler available
    978-0-471-73759-9 Introduction to engineering thermodynamics Richard E. available
    0-13-020004-2 Engineering MECHANICS DYNAMICS R.C.Hibbeler available
    0-19-926179-2 Energy systems & sustainability power for a sustainable future Godfrey Boyle available
    978-0-321-71823-5 The essential cosmic perspective Bennett available
    523-2 Exploring the solar system peter bond available
    978-0-547-31571-3 Algebra 1 concepts & skills Larson available
    978-0-547-31571-3 Algebra 1 concept and skills 2 Larson available
    978-0-13-225113-6 Modern electronics communication jeffrey S. available
    007-124999-0 Mechanics of materials ferdinand P. available
    978-3-642-63554-0 Shoulder arthroplasty G.walch available
    0-471-26607-8 Engineering Mechanics statics J.L. meriam available
    9781891121074 Introduction to modern digital electronics Charles hawkins available
    0-7668-1160-3 Digital design with CPLD Applications & VHDL DUECK available
    0-13-092984-0 Advanced engine performance diagnosis james D. available
    978-1-84920-300-5 Research Methodology Ranjit kumar available
    978-1-84920-300-5 Research Methodology 2 Ranjit kumar available
    978-93-560-6266-5 Marketing management philip-kotler available
    978-93-325-8710-6 Marketing management Prachi Gupta available
    97893560-6266-5 Marketing Management 2 philip-kotler available
    97893560-6266-5 Marketing Management 2 philip-kotler available
    97893-325-5718-5 Marketing Management philip-kotler available
    978-1-25-900490-2 Marketing research (5) GC Berei available
    0-07-105161-9 Introduction in Business in north America AFM-131 BOB SPROULE available
    978-93-5134-479-7 Consumer behavior (2) dell.hawkins available
    978-81-317-1743-1 Marketing Channels (2) anne T.COUGHLAN available
    978-0-19-964260-1 strategic Marketing Douglas west available
    978-93-325-8710-6 Marketing Managment (5) Prachi Gupta available
    978-93-325-4820-6 Supply Chain Management janat shah available
    978-0-13-512216-7 Food service Managment junepayne-palacio available
    978-1-269-24141-0 Person custom business resources (2) person available
    978-0-17-65369-7 MKTG Lamb hair available
    978-920-17-653140-9 Essentials of business communication maryellen juffey available
    978-81-203-4214-9 International business francis cherunilam available
    0-07-060088-0 international BUSSINES Charles wLHILL available
    978-0-415-99942-7 Ethics for international business johan M. available
    658 Principles & practices of managements (2) LM PRasad available
    81-203-2425-0 International business francis cherunilam available
    978-81-203-4214-9 International business francis cherunilam available
    978-0-07-811-61-4 Fundamentals of Human resource management Noe hollenbeck available
    978-93-325-4219-8 Human resource management Gary dassler available
    978-81-317-8594-2 Operations Research Hamdy A. Taha available
    978-8193315-1834-2 Introduction to M management science Andersom available
    0-13-121789-5 Business Ricky W. Griffin available
    978-93-325-8768-7 Services marketing Jochen wirtz available
    978-0-07-786104-9 Essentials of marketing Perreault available
    978-93-528-6561-1 Principles of marketing philip-kotler available
    978-0-07-786103-2 Marketing (2) kerin available
    3() Study the influence of customer relationship management on customer loyalty in mobile telecommunication sector.. Ms.RASHMI. K.R. available
    4() impulsive & purposive online shopping behaviour-an exploratory study Karthika available
    658 Contemporary marketing Boone available
    978-81-315-1834-2 An introduction to management science Anderson available
    978-0-07-096330-6 Small business management D. WESLEY BALDERSON available
    658 Operation research (2) Er. PREM KUMAR GUPTA available
    658.5 Business DECISION MAKING Elizabeth grasby available
    0-07-091232-7 Canadian organizational behaviors steven L. mcshane available
    978-0-13-262632-3 Labour relations Pearson canada available
    978-93-325-4820-6 Supply chain management Pearson available
    978-81-317-2877-2 International business environment & operations John D. available
    658 Business essentials custom edition for fanshawe college Ronald W. available
    978-0-13-287088-7 The legal environment of business & online commerce Henry cheeseman available
    0-13-121789-5 Business RICkY W.GRIFFIN available